Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday, February 11, 2006
Bearded Dragon Lizard

Today we released our little visitor, who our darling dog Noddy decided to terrorize! Thankfully the kids found him, before Noddy ate him totally. Bearded Dragon Lizards are beautiful and extremely regal. When sunning themselves, they hold their head so high, and look so proud. When something startles them, they are off, looking much like the road runner (cartoon) with legs going round in circles and extremely fast.
This one is only a baby, probably only a few months old. They grow in the first few months extremely rapid and this little fellow is in the middle of shedding his skin. We only kept him 48 hours to make sure all was okay. Really we didn't expect him to live as he was pretty knocked around .... but he DID survive.
Just keep hoping Noddy keeps his fangs and inquisitive mind, out of all the hollow logs in our garden!

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